What You Should Know About Douglas Dentistry

If you or someone you know is in need of a new dental care practitioner, you might be interested in learning more about Douglas Dentistry. Douglas Dentistry has been serving the communities for more than three decades. The philosophy of this dental practice is simple and easy to understand. It strives to provide all patients-from beginner patients to patients that have many years experience-with comprehensive general dentistry care.

Douglas Dentistry

o Layla is your best dental hygienist around! Customer Service: Thanks so much for your kind comments, Steven. Really appreciate you taking the extra time out to share your personal experience with us about your oral health.

o We offer many types of services for those with oral health problems. We provide in office dental care, specialty dentistry and emergency dental care. We are the only dental practice in the northwest that offers emergency dental care and orthodontic care. o We accept most dental insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. o We offer many payment options including major medical insurance, minor medical insurance, individual medical insurance and credit card payments.

o Our caring staff responds quickly to dental emergencies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. o We offer a variety of services including general dentistry, anesthesia for teeth cleaning, crowns, veneers, braces, bridges and dentures. o We accept private and Medicare insurance. o We offer the option of making an in office visit if the patient does not feel comfortable with our staff.

Douglas Dentistry is committed to providing quality dental care with a smile that you can be proud of. There is never any need to feel embarrassed about missing a date with your date or forgetting to take out your prescription. o Dentists here understand that oral health is more than just a pretty smile.o It’s about being able to chew food, communicate, socialize and enjoy life.

We offer compassionate and personalized service in a warm, inviting atmosphere. o Douglas Dentistry understands that the goal is overall dental care and we provide each patient with a comprehensive dental care program. o The goal is to make you feel comfortable so you will want to return. o Patients have choices in the types of treatments, number of visits, types of trays, techniques used and their level of satisfaction. o All dental implants are completed by board certified specialists in a state of the art facility.