The Best in Piano Technology Yamaha NP32

Exquisite sound from a compact, elegant instrument – the   miniature keyboards are a perfect blend of simplicity and creativity, with an array of sounds and effects to inspire the musicians who play them. Created around the core elements that enable you to focus exclusively on playing, the Yamaha NP32 miniature keyboards highlight the natural tone of one of today’s most sophisticated grand pianos and effortlessly complement the inspiration and joy of playing with a piano. Its highly musical attributes draw listeners in and compel them to feel the music. And the ease and fluidity of its finger-work allow the pianist to vary notes and styles with equally easy strokes. With this Yamaha NP32 keyboard, the dream of learning to play the piano has become reality!

Yamaha NP32

The Yamaha NP32 piano keyboard has the same number of keys as the larger NP series upright pianos but offers the rich musical qualities of a full size grand piano. With a number of octaves of alternate notes and styles of attacks (soft, deep, circular, or sharp), it is possible to enjoy the piano experience regardless of the skill level. You can even use the keyboard for composing, recording, or mixing music. You can also easily connect to a virtual keyboard that creates a virtual palette for various uses of the NP32.

There is a wide variety of accessories available for the Yamaha NP32 digital piano, including the Music Rest accessory, which allows musicians to rest their wrists while they perform. The Music Rest prevents your hands and wrists from getting fatigued. It is adjustable to fit most standard sized wrist bands and provides ultimate comfort for the performer. A built-in stereo headphone port lets the player enjoy their performance without having to worry about the quality of sound, although the speakers are not included with the NP32. Using Music Rest with stereo headphones will allow you to enjoy the rich sound effects produced by the stereo headphones.

The Yamaha NP32 possesses all of the great features of an iPod with a larger screen and much more flexible assignability of sounds and notes. By using a simple touch feature on the screen, you can play a melody or collection of chords and quickly find where you want to place each key on the screen. The fine touch sensitive keys provide an even playing experience, yet there is still a fine degree of flexibility to fine-tune the sound of each instrument. If you are looking for the best in digital piano technology, the Yamaha NP32 provides the finest grand piano sound reproduction available, along with powerful bass and electric guitar sounds that will please the most demanding musicians.

In addition to the advanced musical capabilities of the NP32, it is also equipped with a host of advanced features for a flawless playing experience. One of its most innovative features is its graded soft touch keyboard which offers a much finer responsive feel to the touch pad. A highly useful function of the graded soft touch keyboard is its host connectivity options that allow it to connect to up to four external wireless keyboards. In addition, Yamaha has designed its own hardware to aid in connecting the keyboard directly to the computer via a USB port. Its hardware also allows the user to control the volume of each instrument as well as the pitch bend from a station control which offers another innovative twist in terms of hardware capability.