San Mateo Tree Removal and Trimming

Tree removal in San Mateo, California can be an expensive and complicated process. The average price to remove a mature tree from your property is more than two-thousand dollars towing the tree to your nearest dumpster. The average price for tree removal from the City of San Mateo, is based on a variety of factors which include the type, size (including branch length and diameter), location, and the company you choose. San Mateo tree removal prices can be high if the tree is large and unstable or hazardous to your health or property. Here are some tips for reducing your San Mateo tree removal costs:

San Mateo tree removal

First, ask neighbors if they would be interested in cutting down the tree on your property. Some people might be willing to donate their trees to help the local watershed or forest grow. Ask if they would be willing to cut down a larger tree that could provide needed shade for your plants during the summer months. Trees that grow close together, such as on a street corner or a sidewalk, can make great park benches. The San Mateo County Public Works Department will often waive fees for tree removal when you have permission from the homeowners association. However, the Parks and Recreation Division will not waive fees for tree trimming out of your view if it is apparent there will be nothing left behind.

39 Second, you can call the San Mateo Beekeepers Association for free, no obligation quotes on tree removal costs. There is also the San Mateo County Earth Service, or S.M.E.S., which also has free estimates and offers, upon approval, towing and pruning at a fee.

Third, you can call several San Mateo tree removal companies, or arborists, for free. Many arborists advertise free quotes online, so take advantage of these. Call each company individually, with the same information about your project, and ask how much it will cost to do the job. Be sure to let the arborist know whether the job will require some kind of permit, especially if you will be using power tools.

Once you have all the quotes and all the information needed, you can decide who is best to do the work. If there are several companies you are considering, then price may become a factor in the decision. Find out what kind of training each company and/or arborist have. Do you want a green complexion, or brown stump removed?

San Mateo tree removal, trimming, and removal companies are ready and willing to help with any tree removal, no matter what the size or type. So when the “dire,” “emergency” or “scary” time comes, sit back and relax. San Mateo arborists have the right equipment, the know-how, and the experience to help you. They will make the job as pain-free as possible and leave your home or business in as good shape as possible – without harming or killing a single leaf.